Friday, 30 June 2017

Summer offers the best of itself. Good to see you, peaches and apricots!

This year, everyone’s surprised by how delicious the peaches and apricots are – the recent intense, dry heat has ripened the fruit slightly early. The Passolongo team has welcomed them with its customary passion and care, as always seeing to their almost entirely manual harvesting in order to ensure their absolute integrity and protection. The picking is carried out in various stages, thus respecting the various rates at which the fruit ripens: first on the outside and then on the inside of the tree.
Freestone apricots (varieties in which the pit falls freely from the fruit, when opened) thus become individually quick frozen (IQF) halves and cubes. Percoca and yellow peaches are diced and sliced and then also frozen with IQF technology. The tastiness of 100% organic fruit is thus ready to enrich the recipes of those who believe in all-natural excellence.

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