Our bold, responsible, challenging policy is one of uncompromising organic production. A policy that we cultivate every day with increasingly sophisticated techniques and technologies. Our excellence is brought about by future-oriented policies for the production process, such as steam peeling to ensure the absence of chemical residues, and latest-generation laser and optical sorting machines that can detect the tiniest defects on every single piece of fruit or vegetable. Then there are oil-free compressors to ensure that there is no trace whatsoever of oils in the air or in contact with the fruit, ensuring maximum product safety. Lastly, we use individual quick freezing (IQF) and liquid nitrogen to preserve all the sensory characteristics of the fruit.

The forthcoming opening of the new, enlarged production facilities fills us with pride, and it is a starting point that will open up new horizons for us. The cold-extraction system is a feature of our new purée production line, and the second production plant will soon be operational. It too will have a liquid-nitrogen freezing plant to ensure even higher quality for the fruit and vegetables.

But our evolution goes well beyond production systems. We take it forward every day, out in the fields and orchards, trying out new fruit and vegetable varieties that satisfy the needs of the market, devising recipes to give that extra touch to the creations of professionals, renewing the plantations before the end of the cycle. So many different ways to guarantee and express the finest 100% organic produce.

Sede Operativa:
Via Passolongo, 10
37063 Isola della Scala (VR) - Italia
Tel: +39 045 7335188
Fax: +39 045 7732970