Tropical Fruit Purée

  • Our policy of excellence knows no borders.
    Our technicians work day in, day out to select the finest varieties of tropical fruit for you, from the places that produce the very best. We only choose partners who share our ideals and standards, and who guarantee absolute excellence. Exotic tastes thus become our deep-frozen purées, which make the difference in your creations.
  • Advantages

    100% natural product.
    100% organic ceritified product.
    Only organic fruit sugar added.
    May be thawed in microwave with the de-frost program.
    Ready to use product.
    Convenient re-sealable and re-cycling tray.
  • Use

    Sorbets, ice cream, fruit mousse, Bavarian creams, jelly, cakes and pastries, coulis, granite, cocktails, sauces for first and second dishes.
  • Storage and use

    Keep at temperatures below 18 °C.
    It is advisable to thaw the product in the still closed packaging at temperatures between +2°C to +4°C.
    It is advisable to mix the product again before use.
    Do not refreeze the product after defrosting.
    Once opened, keep in the refrigerator between 0°C and +4°C and consume within 10 days after opening (no preservatives contained).
  • Packaging

    Cardboard box containing 6 1 kg trays.
  • dimensione cartone
    390x195x155h mm
  • imballi per pallet
  • cartoni per pallet
  • cartoni per strato
  • strati per pallet
  • dimensioni pallet
    1200x800x1600 mm
  • volume totale
    1,54 m2
  • peso totale pallet incluso
    800 kg
  • Organic Alphonso Mango

    Organic Alphonso Mango

    Ingredients organic Alphonso mango, organic grape sugar

    Brix 20±1

    Article code 9532222206

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140739

  • Organic Passion Fruit

    Organic Passion Fruit

    Ingredients organic Passion Fruit, organic grape sugar

    Article code 9533002206

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140739

  • Organic Pineapple

    Organic Pineapple

    Ingredients organic pineapple, organic grape sugar

    Brix 14±1

    Article code 9534002206

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140739

  • Organic Banana

    Organic Banana

    Ingredients organic banana, organic grape sugar

    Brix 25±1

    Article code 9535002206

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140739

  • Organic Coconut

    Organic Coconut

    Ingredients organic coconut, organic grape sugar

    Brix 7±1

    Article code 9536002206

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140739

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