Our passion has deep roots: those of people born in the heart of nature and whose dream was to cultivate it. A dream now shared by so many others. A dream that comes true every day in the flavours of our 100% organic, 100% Italian fruit.

The intellect gives form and value to passion. From our harvesting systems to our deep-freezing plants, we use state-of-the-art technologies to make sure that what is pure and natural remains just that: pure and natural.

Intellect is accompanied by the use of hands, which at Passolongo express the age-old, intimate relationship between the land and its people. One of constant, personal care throughout every stage of production.

Our land has a generous heart, cultivated by the hand of man, respecting nature and the seasons. And it repays us with the most delicious flavours of 100% organic fruit.


In 2002, a dream blossomed in Passolongo. Because Passolongo expresses an ancient passion for the land, an innate, carefully preserved calling for taking care of it. It is the vocation of a man who, after a lifetime of business successes, once again felt the call of his rural origins and went back to the countryside. Here he turned his lifelong inspiration into a project devoted to all those who wish to rediscover the authentic flavours of real organically grown fruit.
Passolongo started converting to organic back in 2009, and this continues today, with innovative new processes and a constant commitment to safeguarding both nature and genuine flavours.
Today the brand grows, produces and processes deep-frozen fruit and vegetables in various formats and sizes to add that extra touch to the recipes of HoReCa and food services industries with the wholesomeness of 100% organic, 100% Italian foods.

2002. The generous heart of a previously abandoned land comes back to life.

In the province of Verona, Fabio Menegoli’s dream is ripe and ready to come true.

2003-2006. Passion gives its fruits.

The cultivation of kiwi fruit and peaches gets under way.

2006-2009. Organic by nature and for nature.

Total conversion to organic is within our sights, introducing a new starting point for new objectives.

2009. The production process completes our care and attention.

The first processing units are installed alongside the fields and orchards.

2009-2013. New flavours, new opportunities.

Organically grown apricots and cherries are a delicious addition to our catalogue, and new production systems open up new horizons.

2015-2016. Tastiness beyond all expectations, and beyond all frontiers too.

The excellence of our flavours can now be found in increasing numbers of countries, in Europe and beyond.


We want Nature to express all her wonders, as only she knows how.
We have devoted an oasis of biodiversity and all our efforts to her, in harmony with the seasons, respecting her rhythms, picking her fruits only when they are fully ripe and using cultivation and processing techniques that bring out all her flavours and fragrances.
Sophisticated micro-irrigation and fertigation systems provide oxygen and nutrients, and the use of sustainable energy is a way of taking to heart the integrity of the environment where we live and work. Like this, we remain true to our commitment to clean, independent energy.
Our passion is all of this. And our choices could only be these: organic and more.


The authentic taste of our fruit has taken us a long way, and the distance between our fields and orchards and our processing plants is now so small that we like to say we’ve removed the distance between our fruit and its wholesomeness. Our production lines are right next to the fields, so the fruit has no time to lose any of its quality in the transition from harvest to deep freezing.
Innovation is there to keep the fruit wholesome. From washing to cutting, through to selection and deep freezing: cutting-edge technology and manual care work as one. This is how we our deep-frozen diced fruit, fruit pieces and fruit purées.


We cultivate 130 hectares of land ourselves, entirely organically. The sandy soil is well drained and watered with sophisticated micro-irrigation and fertigation systems.


We follow the seasons and only pick when the fruit is absolutely ripe. Harvesting is done by hand, using technologies that respect both the fruit and the plant.


Once picked, the fruit is conveyed to the processing plants just next to the fields. Deep freezing takes place just a few hours after harvesting.


Our technology brings together hands and eyes to treat the fruit with absolute care. Steam peeling, laser optical sorting, and Individual Quick Freezing (IFQ) are examples of our innovative approach.


The cold is our quality manager. We have -20°C and -30°C storage areas to make sure that all the wholesomeness and flavour of the fruit remains intact.


We have grown by making others grow. And we continue along this path, distributing our specialities in Italy, Europe, and the world.


The Mediterranean sun, the mild climate, the warmth of down-to-earth people: Italy gives the best of itself in its flavours, and the flavours of Italy are our best fruits. Our genuineness is planted and grown here, in an oasis of biodiversity in the province of Verona. Here we cultivate our land and pick our fruit, and we work with our aromas and tastes in the production and deep-freezing facilities.
Working alongside us are specially selected Italian growers, to whom we turn, when necessary, for supplies, and who share our commitment to organic farming and to the highest standards of excellence, as certified by the most authoritative institutions in the sector.


Our respect comes from the land, goes through the orchards, runs the processing stages and becomes Passolongo Excellence. From sustainable agriculture, to solutions for clean energy self-sufficiency and to the choice of organic agriculture, respect always leads us and connects us with all our partners.
Thanks to this philosophy, we have obtained the strictest and most prestigious certifications. Having received them is an honour. It is a pride to put them on display.

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