Vegetable Purée, 100% organic, 100% Italian

  • Freshly picked vegetables are quickly deep frozen to keep all their wholesomeness. Our policy of choosing the best, 100% Italian vegetables is a way of maintaining our commitment to 100% organic foods, because we choose partners who have the same standards of excellence as us. This is why our deep-frozen purées are always so special. And this is why our recipes make all the difference in your creations.
  • Advantages

    100% natural product.
    100% organic ceritified product.
    Only organic fruit sugar added.
    May be thawed in microwave with the de-frost program.
    Ready to use product.
    Convenient re-sealable and re-cycling tray.
  • Use

    Fresh pasta and fillings, soups, relish.
  • Storage and use

    Keep at temperatures below 18 °C.
    It is advisable to thaw the product in the still closed packaging at temperatures between +2°C to +4°C.
    It is advisable to mix the product again before use.
    Do not refreeze the product after defrosting.
    Once opened, keep in the refrigerator between 0°C and +4°C and consume within 10 days after opening (no preservatives contained).
  • Packaging

    Cardboard box containing 6 1 kg trays.
  • carton size
    390x195x155h mm
  • packages per pallet
  • cartons per pallet
  • cartons per layer
  • layers per pallet
  • pallet size
    1200x800x1600 mm
  • total volume
    1,54 m2
  • gross weight including pallet
    800 kg
  • Organic Yellow Pepper

    Organic Yellow Pepper

    Ingredients organic yellow pepper

    Article code 9609000706

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140616

  • Organic Green Pepper

    Organic Green Pepper

    Ingredients organic green pepper

    Article code 9610000706

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140630

  • Organic Pumpkin

    Organic Pumpkin

    Ingredients organic pumpkin

    Article code 9607000706

    GTIN-14 code 18056684140654

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